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  • Are you a woman aged over 45?
  • Have you been feeling irritable, moody, anxious or like you’re going a bit nuts?
  • Is your weight going up and you can’t seem to control it?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo?


If so, You’ve landed in the right place because we’re dedicated to helping you lose weight and find your happy place again. 


The Green Smoothie Every Woman Needs 

The Green Smoothie Every Woman Needs 

Smoothies. Delicious. But even better good for us and our hormone balance. We talk a lot about this around here because we specialise in getting gorgeous and keeping our weight stable and for that, we need balanced hormones. FACT: happy hormones,...

Kisses! We’re Obsessed. 💋

Kisses! We’re Obsessed. 💋

Let's talk lippy. There's a certain lip gloss that's a delight to use, is nourishing and softening, lasts the distance and isn't packed full of scary ingredients. Plus it comes in gorgeous colours that leave a sheer hint of how they look in the...

Why Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Is A Winner

Why Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Is A Winner

Why Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream? As a former beauty editor, I used to have so much product it could be overwhelming at times. These days the shelves aren't so laden but I still have some of my favourites tucked away. The other day I went to my...

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I'm a former magazine health/beauty editor, author and certified international health coach with a specialty in 40+ women. I have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, skincare, nutrition and a variety of wellness practises plus I have access to a some amazing experts so we can cover all the bases.



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