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  • Are you a woman aged over 45?
  • Have you been feeling irritable, moody, anxious or like you’re going a bit nuts?
  • Is your weight going up and you can’t seem to control it?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo?
Why Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Is A Winner

Why Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Is A Winner

Why Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream? As a former beauty editor, I used to have so much product it could be overwhelming at times. These days the shelves aren't so laden but I still have some of my favourites tucked away. The other day I went to my...

Why Would You Need A Hormone Detox?

Why Would You Need A Hormone Detox?

A hormone detox? Yes indeed, a hormone detox. It's your route to happy hormones, a happy weight and a happy life. Plus it has the added bonus of radiant skin and oodles of energy. We live in a world where we hear a lot about hormones. It’s quite a...

Natural Skincare – The Ins & Outs

Natural Skincare – The Ins & Outs

Natural skincare. Hello beauties, let's talk about this for a second because it can be hugely confusing with the amount of greenwashing that goes on out there (which means labelling something 'green' when it may only contain a small amount of...

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I'm a former magazine health/beauty editor, author and certified international health coach with a specialty in 40+ women. I have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, skincare, nutrition and a variety of wellness practises plus I have access to a some amazing experts so we can cover all the bases.



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