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What Is Inflamm-aging and why should you care?

Inflamm-aging can affect everything from our skin to our muscle tone and flexibility, and of course our overall wellness. With that in mind, if we want to look and feel the best we can it’s in our best interests to take note of it.

Inflamm-aging refers to the chronic low-grade inflammation that develops as we grow older.

It’s Newsy

Touted as a promising new branch of research let’s hope it will identify more wisdom. There are five key characteristics: to inflamm-aging: low-grade, asymptomatic, systemic, controlled and chronic. These terms are basically how it presents itself – visible, invisible, throughout the system and/or ongoing.

This study is a fascinating look at it.


Goop asked the amazing Harvard educated gynaecologist, researcher, scientist and author, Dr Sara Gottfried about inflamm-aging when they interviewed her about her new book Younger. This little nugget spoke volumes:

“Our cells become increasingly insensitive to the hormone insulin, which leads to rising blood sugar in the morning. As a result of higher blood sugar, you may feel foggier and experience stronger cravings for carbs, then notice more skin wrinkling along with an older-looking facial appearance. The right food, sleep, exercise, and detoxification support can reverse many of these age-related hormone problems.” – Dr Sara Gottfried

Read the full interview here.

Food For The Win

It’s one of the reasons we’re nuts about yummy food and good nutrition. Check out our recipe repository here. (We’ll be filling it right up courtesy of our new kitchen and beast of a food processor soon! 😊😊😊)












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