Life + Loving

Here we talk about all things to do with life and love that doesn’t fall under our categories. Loving yourself as much as loving someone else. Self-care. Spirituality – a bit of woo woo! Whatever you can think of really.

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Ageless Beauty

As a former magazine beauty editor I had to have this one in there, didn’t I? ūüôā We’ll cover skin health, skin care,¬†everything to do with complexion perfection and makeup of the natural kind. Your complexion is a reflection of what’s going on for you inside as much as what you see on the outside and we’ve got a wealth of advice.

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Healthy Habits

You don’t need to exercise hard out every day and you don’t need to be tough on yourself to incorporate healthy habits into your life. A gentle walk on the beach, following the 80/20 or 90/10 lifestyle (the 20 and 10 are percentages for when you do whatever you like), going to bed early. They’re all good habits to get into – let’s talk about them.

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Good Food

I just know this one is going to be a favourite. Don’t you love food? We’re all about food – delicious, yummy and delectable – but good for you too. We have a love affair with fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods that go towards the Youology goal: radiance, vitality and wellness.

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Meet Jenna



I'm a former magazine health/beauty editor, author and certified international health coach with a specialty in 40+ women. I have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, skincare, nutrition and a variety of wellness practises plus I have access to a some amazing experts so we can cover all the bases.



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