If you’re anything like me, the moment I take my foot off the pedal the weight begins to creep on. If I eat what I like, begin to drink wine more regularly and indulge in refined carbohydrates like potato chips before you know it – a kg here and a kg there comes to visit and whammo my jeans are tight.

Unless you’re one of those naturally sylph-like creatures who can eat anything the above might resonate with you too. So here are a few tricks I’ve found that help me to stay at a reasonable weight ‘for me’.

(Note the ‘for me’. I know I’ll never be super-slim which is something I’ve learned to become comfortable with as it’s not a good look when I lose too much weight.)

1. Intermittent Fasting

One of my all-time favourite weight management tips is intermittent fasting (IF). IF involves extending the time period between eating and is a pretty simple and flexible trick.

How IF works: your body burns glucose as its first source of fuel. IF depletes glucose levels so the body switches to burning its secondary fuel source – fat.

There are several different ways to practise IF:

For me, the best option is 16/8 – fasting for 16 hours with an eating period of eight hours. You could choose to have your first meal at 10am and close the kitchen at 6pm. Or you might do 11am-7pm, 12pm to 8pm or 8am to 4pm. Whatever works to fit your lifestyle.

Other people eat as usual for five days and restrict their calories to 500 for two days, and some people only practise fasting in one of these ways a couple of days a week.

Research & Studies

There is a load of research that shows IF helps us manage our weight, boosts energy, allows the cells of body to repair and renew, improves memory, increases longevity and reduces insulin resistance. (We’ll talk about insulin resistance more at a later date but just quickly, it’s quite a common condition that can cause weight gain that won’t budge.)

Not A License to Binge

IF doesn’t give you free rein to eat all the crap under the sun. It’s still important to focus on good healthy food like lean proteins and lots of fruit and vegetables. Include plenty of good fats (olive/coconut oils, avocados, oily fish), pair carbohydrates (around 1/3 cup) with protein  i.e. brown rice with grilled salmon, black beans and edamame beans with soba noodles, baked eggs on sweet potato/kumara mash and fill the majority of your plate with green vegetables.


IF isn’t advised if you’re not in good health or if you’re under immense stress. And if you’re a woman, particularly if you’re experiencing a symptomatic peri/menopause it would be wise to limit fasting to a maximum of around four or five days per week.

2. Ditch Sugar

This is one of my non-negotiables if you want to lose weight. Cutting sugar out of your diet as much as possible is important for any weight loss regime. If you have a sweet tooth use natural sugars like stevia, brown rice syrup and glycine powder and opt for low sugar fruits like berries for snacks. Beware. There are hidden sugars in foods like cereal, bread, yoghurt, and sauces.

3. Say No To Processed Foods

When it comes to weight loss this one goes hand in hand with ditching sugar. Processed foods are so much a part of the standard diet, it’s actually no wonder we struggle with weight and health issues. These foods are loaded with stuff our body just doesn’t like and can’t process very well post-40.

4. Eat More Fat

For years we avoided eating fat but the right type of fat is essential to our health. For sure, we should still avoid some fats (fries and potato chips anyone?) but healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive oil and foods high in omega-3 oils (fatty fish, seaweed, seeds and walnuts) should be a part of our daily victuals. They make it easier to lose weight and our skin and hair will love us for it.

Tip: Including ’good fats’ at each meal (coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, sardines, avocado, nuts, seeds, organic meat and dairy) slows digestion and keeps you fuller for longer.


5. Opt For Large Servings

Serve up large, generous servings of leafy green vegetables – aim for half of your plate – and fruits that are low in sugar like apples and berries and fibre-rich seeds. Organic is the best choice but they’re often the most expensive too so if you can’t grow your own, or get your hands on produce that’s been grown naturally wash them with a solution of baking soda, vinegar or salt and water to get rid of as many of the pesticides and chemicals as you can.

6. Focus on Fibre

Vegetables and fruit are not only brimming with nutrients they also pack a punch when it comes to fibre. A high fibre diet helps you feel beautifully sated and ensures you poop regularly. Poop ensures your body works like the well-oiled machine that it is and equates to feeling fabulous and being the proud caretaker of balanced hormones and a healthy weight.

7. Close The Kitchen

One of the best weight loss tricks is to close the kitchen three hours before bedtime. That’s it. Kitchen is closed.


I hope that helps ladies. If you incorporate any or all of these tips and you drop a few kgs please share with us. 😊


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Main photo © Ivelinr | Dreamstime.com